Preprint Logo Label

SOL provide LOGO printing or advertisement on the front side, article on the back side , for example :Ferry ticket, Theater tickets, paper roll or fanfold. We also provide security printing and thermal paper with waterproof, oil-proof and anti-alcohol, it can increase the shelf life, in order to resist the sun light(UV), change of humidity.


Features of Thermal Paper

- With thermal coating, less paper scrap, protect the POS print head

- High Clarity, high integrity of images

- Available for any POS printer, reach any client's demand

-Thermal paper with smooth surface, paper roll's tightness is high, it will affect the fluency of printing

“Optional :Waterproof, Oil-proof and Anti-alcohol”


Applications :

 Catering service,POS cashier system, POS retail business , banking, Telecommunications, Medical Professions, Hospital, shopping mall or car park receipt.

【Instructions】Please keep thermal paper away from extended exposure to office light, open single pack each time when use, in order to be protected the moist。  

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